Board of Directors


Magic Moments operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of dedicated volunteers representing all areas of the state. Additionally, the organization is supported by an Advisory Committee which consists of past Chairmen of the Board or members who have served extended terms of service.



Kimberly A. Tew - Chair

Bubba Armstrong, MD

Shelley Clark

Jack Darnall

Betsy French

Steve Geisler

Matt Geller

Heather Hargis

Jimmie Harvey, MD

Emily Heide

Jim Heilbron

Rob Howland

Kate Johnson

 Amy Kabase

Tina Littlepage





Buffie Marks -- Member Emeritus

Jim McCormick

Merrill McWhorter

Kelly Morrison

Jessica Naftel

Adam Peck

Josh Petty

Jon Register

Thomas W. Schultz

David K. Smith

Al Vance

Kelly Whitaker

Ashley Wood