Brailyn Barineau has been on the junior board with Magic Moments for the past five years and served as the junior board president in 2020. Outside of Magic Moments she serves as the Director of Marketing at AVX. 

Brailyn became connected to the mission through friends who were involved with the organization. One of her favorite parts of Magic Moments is that it focuses on the local community. Magic Moments is the only wish-granting organization dedicated solely to serving children in the state of Alabama. 

Barineau wholeheartedly enjoys telling a child that their Magic Moment is being granted and has participated as a Magic Maker for several different types of Magic Moments, including most recently a child who was throwing out the first pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals and a gaming shopping spree at Best Buy.

“There’s nothing better than telling a child they are getting their magic moment fulfilled and seeing their reaction!” she said.

Barineau’s favorite fundraiser is the Junior Board Masters Party and Silent Auction, hosted each spring to coincide with the Masters Golf Tournament.