Five year old Ella Rose’s dream was to ride in Cinderella’s coach and Magic Moments made it happen!  Not only did Ella Rose have her magic moment in Disneyworld, but it was Cinderella herself who surprised Ella Rose at the airport to tell her that her dream was coming true!

Ella Rose’s family was concerned when at the age of 16 months she still was not walking or talking and her pediatrician advised she undergo extensive tests. It was then, in 2008 that she was diagnosed. Her mom Tamara shared on her personal website: “We received the news that completely changed our lives, our beautiful baby girl had a brain tumor.”

Ella Rose, her mom and dad and two older brothers had an amazing rare family vacation together in Disneyworld thanks to those who give to Magic Moments. Ella Rose was given the chance to forget about  doctors and hospitals and simply enjoy being a kid again – to believe in the magic that is Magic Moments.