Suffering from hydrocephalus, Mary has had 39 surgeries in her lifetime. Her condition was detected in utero, and treatment began immediately after birth. She is hindered academically, and faces minor developmental and physical disabilities. However, Mary’s vibrant character and positivity overshadow these difficult areas of her life.  She dedicates her free time to shining a light on conditions that cause disabilities and helping others with disabilities any way she can.

Mary loves to watch “The Ellen Show” and requested her magic moment be a trip to California to see “Ellen” live. Not only was Mary’s request granted, she also received a backstage tour, where she met Ellen DeGeneres!  Like most people, Ellen was impressed with Mary’s strength and positive attitude, and in true Ellen fashion, the host danced with Mary in the aisles during a commercial break. To say this was a magic moment for Mary is an understatement. It was such an honor for the Magic Moments’ staff to make this dream come true for her.