8-year-old Claira Grace has fanconi anemia, a rare but serious blood disorder. In January 2017, Claira Grace underwent a bone marrow transplant at only three years old. As a result of her treatment, she lost all of her hair, spent weeks in the hospital, and had to live in isolation from any sort of germs while her immune system recovered. A friend referred Claira Grace to Magic Moments and in 2018, she and her family finally got to take their dream trip to Disney World to celebrate all that Claira Grace has overcome! 

For an entire week, Claira Grace didn’t have to think about doctor’s appointments, medications, tests, or needle sticks. Instead, she and her brother Dalton got to focus on just having fun.

Claira Grace’s mom said, “This trip made her feel so so special — she says it made her heart smile big. She still smiles about it now whenever we talk about the trip.”

Claira Grace is one of almost 5,000 children Magic Moments has served across Alabama since its inception in 1984.