To meet Quendarius is to meet a typical 12 year old boy. Like many boys his age, he loves superheroes, playing basketball¬†and eating chocolate ice cream. Yet Quendarius’ life is far from “typical.”

Two years ago, Quendarius’ mother noticed her son acting differently. He was short of breath — wanting to rest after playing for only 20 minutes. She immediately took Quendarius for a check-up. It was at that appointment, Quendarius learned he had advanced congestive heart failure. Quendarius began seeing a specialist three times a week for treatment. He and his mom would travel over 600 miles a week for medical appointments. Unable to attend school due to the demands of his illness, his childhood was literally stolen from him.

But in December 2012 Quendarius was able to enjoy a glorious week free of worries as he and his family took a magical trip to Disney World. He and his twin brother met the superheroes they love to pretend to be. They rode rollercoasters, watched parades Рand best of all, ate ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST!

Magic Moments gave Quendarius the gift of being a kid on that magical trip. He and his family were able to relax, laugh and enjoy time together away from the constant worries of his illness. Time to take a deep breath and just believe… in the magic.