Travel FAQs

We are so excited about your family’s upcoming trip, and we’re here to help in any way possible!  Please know that each trip is 4 nights, 5 days. The trip’s itinerary is completely up to you. You will work with your magic moment coordinator to plan activities, lodging, and other travel arrangements.

How do we get to our destination?

Magic Moments will take care of your transportation whether you fly or drive.

If you prefer to fly: Your flight arrangements and preloaded Visa card will be mailed to you approximately 7-10 days before you leave. You can then download either the Southwest or Delta app for your smartphone to access your boarding passes. You do not need to print anything out and can use your phone at the airport to board your plane. If you do not have a smart phone, you can visit the Southwest kiosk at the airport and enter your confirmation number in order to print your boarding pass. 

If you prefer to drive:  Magic Moments will rent a car for you to drive from your home to your trip location. If the drive is too long to make in one day (500 miles or more), Magic Moments can pay for one night’s hotel stay on the way to your destination and one night’s stay on the way home. Magic Moments will also give you expense money for meals and gasoline which will be sent to you approximately 7-10 days before you leave.

Where will we stay?

Magic Moments works with several hotels in several popular travel destinations.  If your family has a preference for the hotel you would like to stay in during your visit, please include it on the date and transportation forms. We will send the hotel payment information for your stay.  Magic Moments will cover the costs of room and tax only. Once you arrive at your hotel, you may have to put a card on file for incidentals.  Incidentals will only be charged if there are damages to the room or if you charge any expenses at the hotel to your room.

Where do we eat?

Magic Moments is happy to make reservations to any restaurants you would like to visit (if available at the restaurant).  If we cannot purchase the meals in advance, the funds for all meals will be included on your preloaded Visa card.  Each person will be provided with a per diem based on their age.

When do we get our tickets for activities?

All tickets and activities will be included with the pre-loaded Visa card 7-10 days before your trip.  We will do our best to pay for activities in advance.  If for some reason the activity is not available for advance purchase, we will include the cost of the activity on the pre-loaded Visa card we provide.

What transportation do we use?

If you drive to your destination from your home, you will already have your car. If you fly, we will do our best to have a rental car waiting for you at the airport of your destination.  Please make us aware if you will need a van with a wheelchair lift because that is arranged separately.

If you prefer to take the public transportation or use a taxi cab service, please let us know on the form.

How much luggage may we take?

Southwest Airlines will allow one bag per family member to be checked for free. Magic Moments will not provide funds for additional luggage that needs to be checked. If your flight is on another airline, Magic Moments will cover the cost of one piece of luggage per person roundtrip.

What if we need special medical equipment during our stay?

In most cases, Magic Moments can rent equipment to be available at your destination.  The sooner you make us aware, the better the chances of getting what you need.

How much money should we take?

Magic Moments will pay the expenses of the family members who are approved to go on the trip as complimentary wish participants.  Approximately 7-10 days before you leave, Magic Moments will send a package to your home, which will include a preloaded Visa card. This card will be loaded with funds which will cover the following expenses:

  • Airport parking
  • Meals
  • Gasoline
  • Meals and a hotel room if you drive from your home
  • Spending money for our magic moment child

Please remember to spend your money wisely.  The expense money is based upon current market prices so it should be enough to carry you through the duration of your trip.  We hope that the only money of your own that you will need is for spending money and souvenirs for your family.  

How far in advance should we plan our trip?

The more time to plan the better. This allows Magic Moments the time needed to make the trip special, but also allows you to research and send us over the fun things you would like to do on your trip.

How soon must we take our trip after my child's wish is approved?

The trip must be scheduled within one year of approval and scheduled before the child’s 19th birthday.

Which family members are approved for the trip?

The magic moment child, his/her siblings 18 and under living in the home, and two adults are allowed on the trip.  If the magic moment child does not have brothers or sisters, a friend can go.  If there are family members in addition to those named above (such as grandparents) who want to go, they can travel at their own expense