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Dear Parents of:

Magic Moments is very pleased to grant the following 'magic moment!'The trip includes the 'magic moment' child, the unmarried siblings living in the home that are under the age of 18, and two adults. Please be sure to supply us with FULL NAMES below as they appear on government issued identification. If flying, it is required the names read exactly as the government issued identification.

The following persons are approved for the Disney trip:

Magic Moment Child
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Please choose 3 dates and type them down below for your Disney trip in case Give Kids The World Village is already booked for your first choice. The date we need is the day you want to arrive at GKTW. You can arrive any day of the week. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume your family wants to stay SIX nights. The first date should be at least six weeks from the date you return this form, unless there are special circumstances.

Give Kids The World Village is a popular place, especially in summer and around holidays, so we need to make reservations as far in advance as possible. Once your trip has been scheduled, the dates should be changed only in the event of illness or extreme circumstances. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED.

Please remember that hurricane season rune June 1 - November 30, with the vast majority of storms taking place between mid-August and the end of October. In the event of a hurricane, Magic Moments will do our best to reschedule your trip before your departure. However, if you are already in Orlando when the weather becomes evident, GKTW and Magic MOments reserve the right to evacuate you at any time. Our biggest priority is keeping our families safe. This also applies to any other circumstance that would require your immediate removal from the vicinity to keep you safe including but not limited to other natural disasters and acts of terrorism.

Insert Choices for Dates Below:

Please give contact information (including a daytime phone number) in case we have questions:

Will you need to bring a wheelchair?
Is your wheelchair
WE WANT TO FLY TO ORLANDO (please make sure the names on the first sheet read EXACTLY as the driver license. This is required by TSA)



If any additional information is required other than a copy of a driver's license, Magic Moments will let you know.

Please list below any activities (up to 2) that you would like us to schedule, and we will do our best to accommofate your request. Also, please list any items you need once in Orlando (i.e. five harness car seat, oxygen, double stroller, etc. If you need a double stroller, please include the weight and height of the children using it).