Month: May 2021

Kelly Morrison Serves as Board Chair

“Magic Moments can’t seem to get rid of us!” is Kelly Morrison’s favorite joke. She joined the board five years ago after her husband, Ron Morrison, rolled off as board chair. Kelly is retired from wealth management and is spending her retirement years giving back to the community. Magic Moments is one of her favorite philanthropies because of the tangible joy it brings to children’s lives. The fundraiser Kelly looks forward to the most is BHM 26.2 because of the awareness it brings to the community who might otherwise never have heard of Magic Moments. Kelly is also an avid runner and participates in the marathon each year. 

Morrison’s favorite aspect of Magic Moments is Beyond the Moment. “BTM is such an amazing way to see these families grow and heal throughout the years. Magic Moments is able to be a part of the children and families lives long term — not just during their ‘trip’ or ‘moment.’”  Recently, Kelly and Ron served as Magic Makers for a teenager who wanted to go on an outdoor shopping spree. Her husband and the teenager had similar outdoor hobbies, so he was able to help them pick out some fun items during the shopping spree. It was a perfect fit! 

If Kelly had a magic moment, she said that she wants to meet professional golfer, Fred Couples.

Jonathon Gets a Shopping Spree with Trent Richardson

Life was pretty normal for 17-year-old Jonathon Hall. He loves video games, Alabama football, and being outdoors. However, in August 2018, Jonathan was a passenger in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down.

Jonathon’s mother describes him as a kind kid who motivates others. He spent over a month in the hospital, learning what his new reality would look like. Around this time, his social worker referred him to Magic Moments, looking for an opportunity to lift his spirits.

Jonathon wanted to go shopping for accessible electronics to help aid in his recovery of learning how to re-use his hands and arms with limited mobility. However, Jonathon is also a die-hard Alabama and an opportunity to meet his idol, Trent Richardson was a close second choice.

Magic Moments decided that Jonathon shouldn’t have to choose. He met his Magic Maker at Best Buy early on a Friday morning in December and began to peruse the store. He pointed out several video games he was interested in and his older brother tagged along to help him select the electronics that were most suitable to his needs. It was at that moment that Trent Richardson made his entrance.

“The highlight of the shopping spree was to see my son’s face light up when he met Trent Richardson,” Jonathon’s mother said. His smile was apparent for everyone to see as Jonathon and Trent spent the morning shopping and bro-ing it up, playing video games and talking trash. At lunch afterwards, Jonathon and his brother swapped tales of hanging out with the football great while making plans to enjoy Jonathon’s spoils later that afternoon.

“This shopping spree was a real blessing to us. After something so tragic, to see my son smile and enjoy himself really touched my heart,” his mother said.

Fredrick’s Wish

Early in 2023, we received an application from 17-year-old Fredrick, along with a very eloquent letter sharing his story with us. Fredrick was a senior in high school when he got into a bad car accident, causing his car to catch on fire while he was still in it. Fredrick suffered 3rd and 4th degree burns, along with a TBI and several other life-threatening injuries.

In Fredrick’s letter, he expressed what receiving a magic moment would mean to him. He told us, “I want to go on a trip with my family. It’s somewhere different and it’s not home. That will take our minds off everything that’s surrounding my life. Hopefully on the trip I can make magic moments and happy memories with my mom, dad and brother because they are my biggest supporters and are beside me all of the time.” 

When our board members saw this heartbreaking letter, they immediately wanted to do something extra special for Freddy’s reveal, but the surprise worked out even better than expected. We arranged for a limo to be parked outside Freddy’s home before he left for physical therapy. When Freddy asked about the car, the driver played along by telling Freddy that he was “off the clock” but didn’t mind taking him to physical therapy. Instead, they drove to where there was a red carpet leading to the door. After walking down the red carpet, surrounded by supporters cheering him on, Freddy learned that he would spend his 19th birthday with his family in Hollywood, California.

Trenton’s Wish

13-year-old Trenton suffered a debilitating brain bleed last December. Trenton and his three biological siblings are four of Erica and Joseph’s 19 adopted children and five biological children. The family has recently opened a children’s home in conjunction with Big Oak Ranch. These wonderful parents have made it their mission to give as many children as they can a stable, loving family, and Magic Moments is thrilled to be part of it. Trenton will soon travel with his whole family in their bus to Give Kids the World Village at Disney World, which has provided accommodation and tickets for all 26 people. They will be the largest family Give Kids the World has ever hosted!

Mary’s Wish

Suffering from hydrocephalus, Mary has had 39 surgeries in her lifetime. Her condition was detected in utero, and treatment began immediately after birth. She is hindered academically, and faces minor developmental and physical disabilities. However, Mary’s vibrant character and positivity overshadow these difficult areas of her life.  She dedicates her free time to shining a light on conditions that cause disabilities and helping others with disabilities any way she can.

Mary loves to watch “The Ellen Show” and requested her magic moment be a trip to California to see “Ellen” live. Not only was Mary’s request granted, she also received a backstage tour, where she met Ellen DeGeneres!  Like most people, Ellen was impressed with Mary’s strength and positive attitude, and in true Ellen fashion, the host danced with Mary in the aisles during a commercial break. To say this was a magic moment for Mary is an understatement. It was such an honor for the Magic Moments’ staff to make this dream come true for her.